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Canoeing at SunsetAutumn collors on Corilla Lake



Members enjoy various boating opportunities on the clubs three lakes.  In addition to fishing from club or member owned boats with electric motors, club visitors have access to kayaks, canoes, and sunfish or sailfish  sailboats.

Members may own their own boat and have it stored in one of the many boathouses on the lakes.  Their boats are maintained by club staff who ensure they are ready for use each time they visit.  The club also maintains club boats on each lake for guests who require it. 
The ever blowing wind on Wolf Lake makes this body of water superb for the sailing elite of the club.

For those seeking serenity and enjoying the natural beauty of our lakes, a mid-day or evening paddle in one of our kayaks or canoes is most delightful.

For the more adventurous the nearby Delaware River offers numerous boat liveries that offer float trips down this historic waterway that was selected as Pennsylvania's "River of the Year".  This section of the river is well known for its trout and smallmouth bass fishery as well as the spring shad run. 
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